Strenex Combi Scraper Rubber

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Strenex Combi Scrapper rubber is a highly effect belt cleaning option which works well cleaning conveyor belts moving wet and sticky products. The design of the product includes harder rubber on the outside for rigidity with softer rubber on the inside. This provides a long lasting edge which can wipe product from a conveyor belt without damaged and irregular wear to the belt surface.

Your benefits

  1. Low cost conveyor belt cleaning solution
  2. Excellent wear characteristics
  3. Eliminates belt damage common with tungsten products
  4. Reduced buildup on trough and return rollers
  5. Improved belt traction and tracking

Available Widths

  • 1200mmW
  • Custom cut pieces

Basic Specifications

Rubber Hardness Outside Layer – 60 Shore A

Rubber Hardness Inside Layer – 40 Shore A

Rubber Colour – Black/Green/Black

Overall Thickness 20mm

Stock Length Rolls -10 Linear Meters

Additional information

Additional Information

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Roll Size

150mmW x 10M, 200mmW x 10M, 300mmW x 10M, 1200mmW x 10M