Strenex is a registered brand of the Southquip Industrial Group. Southquip are an independently owned and operated firm, delivering integrated conveying solutions since 1999. We supply a complete range of  components for conveyor transport systems. The Strenex division is focused on supplying complete conveyor belt fastening solutions. We pride ourselves with our efficient customer service and technical support, and can ensure your conveying challenges are easily solved.

Our Vision

With the Strenex brand, Southquip Industrial will strive to become a global supplier in the conveyor belt fastening market, by offering a quality range of products which to keep conveyor belts running for longer. Together as a team we will seek to offer the best support and service to OEM and End User customers, as well as our distribution partners across the globe.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions for you

  1. Strenex Wire Hooks

    The Strenex UltiHook Wire Hook Fasteners are used in commercial laundry belts, filter belts, felt belts and many other light duty conveying applications. Many different versions are available to meet your specific application requirements. They are simply installed using basic tooling and give excellent working lifetime

  2. Strenex Belt Laces

    The Strenex UltiLace Belt Laces are used in many general light to medium conveying applications. They are flexible, strong and well suited for small pulley diameters and high working tensions.

  3. Strenex Preset Staple Fasteners

    The Strenex® StapleFlex Preset Staple Fasteners are economic, easy to install and are suitable for a permanent or repair splice solution.

    StapleFlex Fasteners use the grip of the plate as well as the staples to give a strong grip suitable for medium duty conveying. Available in galvanised and stainless steel construction.

  4. Strenex Plate Grip Fasteners

    The Strenex® GripTex Plategrip Fasteners are the most effective and user friendly belt fasteners available.

    They have the bolts fixed to the bottom plate which is secured by tensioning nuts. This pressure embeds the grips into the belt plies creating a strong splice.
    Using basic tooling GripTex Fasteners are an ideal splice or repair solution for heavy duty rubber conveyor belting.

  5. Strenex Genuine Tooling

    We have the correct tools for installation of all our fastener systems.