Strenex is a registered brand of Southquip Industrial. We are an independently owned and operated firm, delivering conveying solutions since 1999. We supply a complete range of  components for conveyor transport systems. The Strenex division is focused on supplying quality conveyor belting and accessories are competitive pricing direct to end users and partner companies nationwide. We offer efficient customer service and technical support, backed by speedy dispatch.

Our Vision

With the Strenex brand, Southquip Industrial will strive to become a leading provider in the New Zealand conveyor belting market. By offering a proven range of high quality products at mid range pricing we look to create enduring partnerships with customers and resellers across the country. With a culture of continuous improvement in product range, customer service and efficient installation and services we bring increasing value and cost savings to our users.

Our Solutions

Our Solutions for you

  1. Strenex Conveyor Belting

    The Strenex Conveyor Belting range has been proven as a market leader with close co-operation with our endusers. With Food, Standard and Industrial Ranges we have solutions for all industry sectors including food, dairy, logistics, laundry, mining and more

  2. Strenex Rubber Sheets

    Strenex Rubber sheets are engineered to give maximum performance in containment, belt cleaning and impact resistance applications. Produce to our specifications and proven in the market our solutions are second to none

  3. Strenex Belting Fasteners

    The Strenex® Fastener range offers different solutions for lightweight conveying in the logistics, laundry and many other applications. They are easy to install, low profile and a very cost effective alternative to vulcanised belts

  4. Strenex Fabricated Belts

    The team at Southquip Industrial offers a complete belting fabrication and installation service. This includes belts with custom cleats, perforations, guide profiles and much more. All completed by our trained and experienced in house staff.