Strenex Z8/2F/V5-18 PVC 2Ply Black Belting

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General Details

The Strenex Z8/2F/V5-18 PVC 2Ply Black Conveyor Belting is a common belt type used in supermarket checkouts, baggage counters, package handling and many other applications. It has a low friction traction surface well suited to wide slider bed conveyors.

Your benefits

  1. Low friction traction layer
  2. Excellent aesthetics for visual conveyors
  3. Economic pricing
  4. Suitable for fasteners or endless splicing
Product Construction

Product Construction

Material conveying side: Polyvinylchloride (PVC)
Characteristics conveying side: satin, non-adhesive
Colour conveying side: black
Cover thickness conveying side: 0.8 mm
Shore hardness A° 74
Material traction layer: Polyester fabric
Number of fabrics 2
Material running side: Polyester fabric
Characteristics running side: sliding
Colour running side: white
Cover thickness running side: impregnated

Product Specification

Product Specifications

Total thickness: 1.9 mm (+/- 0,1 mm)
Belt weight: 2,0 kg/m²
Maximum tensile force: 120 N/mm
– at 1% elongation 8 N/mm
Minimum pulley diameter: 50 mm
Knife edge suitable: no
Operation temperatures: -10…+70°C
Permanently antistatic: yes
Flammability: no
FDA Food suitability: no
EU Food suitability: no

Installation Terms

Installation Terms

Slider bed suitable: yes
Carrying rollers suitable: yes
Low noise application: no
Accumulation mode: no
Inclined transportation: no
Buckling conveyor: no
Curved installation: no
Friction coefficient on slider bed of steel: 0,3
Friction coefficient on slider bed with friction cover: 0,25
Troughed installation: no
Cross rigidity: yes