Strenex UltiLace™ Belt Lacing

Strenex UltiLace Belt Lacings are used on PVC and PU belts in lightweight conveying applications. They are flexible, strong and well suited to smaller pulley diameters.

General Details

Strenex UltiLace™ Belt Lacing

The Strenex UltiLace Belt Laces are used many general light to medium conveying applications. They are flexible, strong and well suited for small pulley diameters and high working tensions. Many different versions are available to meet your specific application requirements. UltiLace Belt Laces are simply installed using basic tooling and give excellent working lifetime.


  • Low Cost Splice
  • High Retention
  • Flexible Splice
  • Stainless Steel Construction

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Technical Info


Product Type Belt Thickness Material
No1 Series 1.5-2.5mm Stainless
No7 Series 2.5-3.2mm Stainless
No15 Series 3.2-4.5mm Galvanised/Mild Steel
No25 Series 4.5-5.6mm Galvanised/Mild Steel
No27 Series 5.6-7.0mm Galvanised/Mild Steel

Stainless UltiLaceProducts

Product Code Part Number Description Pack Type
67160 SR01-20SS Strenex No.1 Belt Lacing 20cm 5pk
67161 SR14-80SS Strenex No.1 Belt Lacing 80cm 5pk
67161 SR10-100SS Strenex No.1 Belt Lacing 100cm 5pk
67163 SR07-20SS Strenex No.7 Belt Lacing 20cm 5pk
67163 SR18-80SS Strenex No.7 Belt Lacing 80cm 5pk
67163 SR20-100SS Strenex No.7 Belt Lacing 100cm 5pk

Galvanised/Mild Steel UltiLace Products

Product Code Part Number Description Pack Type
67166 SR15-30G Strenex No.15 Belt Lacing 30cm 5pk
67167 SR12-60MS Strenex No.15 Belt Lacing 60cm 5pk
67167 SR13-80MS Strenex No.15 Belt Lacing 60cm 5pk
67171 SR25-30G Strenex No.25 Belt Lacing 30cm 5pk
67169 SR23-60MS Strenex No.25 Belt Lacing 60cm 5pk
67170 SR24-80MS Strenex No.25 Belt Lacing 80cm 5pk
67173 SR27-30G Strenex No.27 Belt Lacing 30cm 5pk
67177 SR26-60MS Strenex No.27 Belt Lacing 60cm 5pk
67177 SR28-80MS Strenex No.27 Belt Lacing 80cm 5pk

UltiLace for Thicker Belts available – Please Enquire

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