Strenex F12/2EQU10A/U0 2Ply Cross Ridgid PU White Food Belting

General Details

The industry standard for heavy duty food production applications. This thick PU belt has high resistance to cuts, impact and edge damage. Its cross ridged fabrics will not fold over and break if the belt tracks off centre. This Strenex product has major advantages in the meat, poultry and fish processing industries.

Your advantages

  1. Long reliable belt life
  2. High strength splice results
  3. Suitable for small 50mm pulley diameters
  4. Easy clean-ability
  5. High resistance to cuts and impact
Product Construction

Product Construction

Material conveying side: polyurethane (PU)
Characteristics: conveying side smooth, adhesive
Colour conveying side: white
Cover thickness conveying side 1,0 mm
Shore hardness A° 85 (± 3)
Material traction layer: polyester fabric
Number of fabrics 2
Material running side: polyester fabric
Characteristics running side: sliding
Colour running side: light grey
Cover thickness running side: impregnated

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Total thickness 2,7 (± 0,1 mm)
Belt weight 3,1 Kg/m²
Maximum tensile force 160 N/mm
– at 1% elongation (DIN EN ISO 527-1) 12 N/mm
Minimum pulley diameter 50 mm
Minimum pulley diameter backflexing 75 mm
Knife edge suitable no
Min: -20°C -4°F Max: +100°C 212°F
Permanently antistatic (DIN EN ISO 21178) yes
Flammability (DIN EN ISO 340) no
Chemical resistance:oil and grease resistant
FDA (21 CFR 177.2600, 21 CFR 175.300) yes
EU (VO (EU) Nr. 10/2011, BfR XV)