Strenex EP200 3Ply Ultra Belting

The Toughest Belting in the Strenex range. Produced for the most demanding applications.

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The Strenex Ultra Belting Range has been produced to our specifications for use in high impact applications such as load hoppers. In such applications high rubber tensile strength and maximum abrasion resistance are critical which is where Strenex Ultra excells. This produce can withstand the rigor of the most demanding users.

Your benefits

  1. High quality rubber with excellent abrasion resistance
  2. Strong EP200 carcass strength
  3. Reduced replacement intervals
  4. Excellant impact resistance

Available Widths

  • 1200mmW

Basic Specifications

Cover Rubber Grade – 24MPA

Cover Rubber Thickness 7mm Top 2mm Bottom

Overall Thickness 13mm

Stock Length Rolls -100 Linear Meters